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A High Order Theory for Linear Thermoelastic Shells: Comparison with Classical Theories
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A high order theory for linear thermoelasticity and heat conductivity of shells has been developed. The proposed theory is based on expansion of the 3D equations of theory of thermoelasticity and heat conductivity into Fourier series in terms of Legendre polynomials. The first physical quantities that describe thermodynamic state have been expanded into Fourier series in terms of Legendre polynomials with respect to a thickness coordinate. Thereby all equations of elasticity and heat conductivity including generalized Hooke’s and Fourier’s laws have been transformed to the corresponding equations for coefficients of the polynomial expansion. Then in the same way as in the 3-D theories system of differential equations in terms of displacements and boundary conditions for Fourier coefficients has been obtained. First approximation theory is considered in more detail. The obtained equations for the first approximation theory are compared with the corresponding equations for Timoshenko’s and KirchhoffLove’s theories. Special case of plates and cylindrical shell is also considered, and corresponding equations in displacements are presented.
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