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Comparative study of time and frequency domain BEM approaches in frictional contact problem for antiplane crack under harmonic loading
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Two different boundary element methods (BEM) for crack analysis in two dimensional (2-D) antiplane, homogeneous, isotropic and linear elastic solids by considering frictional contact of the crack edges are presented. Hypersingular boundary integral equations (BIE) in time-domain (TD) and frequency domain (FD), with corresponding elastodynamic fundamental solutions are applied for this purpose. For evaluation of the hypersingular integrals involved in BIEs a special regularization process that converts the hypersingular integrals to regular integrals is applied. Simple regular formulas for their calculation are presented. For the problems solution while considering frictional contact of the crack edges a special iterative algorithm of Udzava's type is elaborated and used. Numerical results for crack opening, frictional contact forces and dynamic stress intensity factors (SIFs) are presented and discussed for a finite III-mode crack in an infinite domain subjected to a harmonic crack-face loading and considering crack edges frictional contact interaction using the TD and FD approaches.
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