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The NPR1family of transcription cofactors in papaya: insights into its structure, phylogeny and expression
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The NPR1(non-expressor of pathogenesis related gene 1) gene was initially identified in Arabidopsisas a master regulator of the systemic acquired resistance (SAR). Five additional NPR1homologues have been identified in Arabidopsiswhose function range from regulators ofSAR to plant development. In the present study, we characterized the structure, phylogeny and expression of the NPR1 family in papaya (Carica papaya L.), one of the most important tropical fruit crops. We identified four NPR1homologues in the papaya genome sequence (CpNPR1to CpNPR4). Overall, the fourpapaya predicted NPR1 proteins showed the characteristic BTB/POZ and ankyrin domains of the ArabidopsisNPR1 family. Twelve additional open reading frames showing homology to retrotransposon elements or genes involved in different physiological processes were found in close proximity to the papaya NPR1 homologues. The phylogenetic analysis revealed that the papaya NPR1 sequences resolved in three clades, each clade containing two ArabidopsisNPR1 homologues involved either in the positive regulation of SAR (clade I), negative regulation of SAR (clade II) or plant development (clade III), suggesting a similar function for the corresponding papaya NPR1 homologues. Furthermore, the expression of the four papaya NPR1homologues was detected in both vegetative and reproductive tissues. The present study has provided the first comparative analysis of the NPR1family in a tropical fruit crop and expanded our knowledge on this type of genes in dicotyledoneous plants. The identification of the full set of papaya NPR1homologues will pave the way for their systematic functional analysis and new opportunities for engineering disease resistance in this crop.
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