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Nov-2013Predicting the piezoresistance contribution of carbon nanotubes in a polymer matrix through finite element modelingArtículoANDRES IVAN OLIVA AVILES; VICTOR JOSE SOSA VILLANUEVA; FRANCIS AVILES CETINA28-Nov-2017
2016An assessment of the role of fiber coating and suspending fluid on the deposition of carbon nanotubes onto glass fibers for multiscale compositesArtículoJOSE DE JESUS KU HERRERA; ALEJANDRO MAY PAT; FRANCIS AVILES CETINA27-Apr-2018
2016Influence of structural defects on the electrical properties of carbon nanotubes and their polymer compositesArtículoGUSTAVO DOMINGUEZ RODRIGUEZ; JORGE ALEJANDRO TAPIA GONZALEZ; G.D. SEIDEL; FRANCIS AVILES CETINA25-Jun-2018
2013Influence of processing method on the mechanical and electrical properties of MWCNT/PET compositesArtículoOMAR EDUARDO RODRIGUEZ UICAB; ALEJANDRO MAY PAT; FRANCIS AVILES CETINA; Patricio Toro; Mehrdad Yazdani_Pedram25-Sep-2019
2014Piezoresistive Sensing of Strain and Damage in Carbon/Epoxy Rectangular and I-shaped Cross-section Beams in FlexureArtículoJ.B. Pinto; José de Jesús Ku Herrera; S. Kern; Valeria La Saponara; FRANCIS AVILES CETINA24-Mar-2020
2014Tailored self-sensing of failure mechanisms in glass fiber/carbon nanotube/vinyl ester multiscale hierarchical composites loaded in tensionArtículoJosé de Jesús Ku Herrera; J.B. Pinto; Valeria La Saponara; Ricardo Castro; FRANCIS AVILES CETINA24-Mar-2020
2020Electrical resistance sensing of epoxy curing using an embedded carbon nanotube YarnArtículoOMAR EDUARDO RODRIGUEZ UICAB; Jandro Abot; FRANCIS AVILES CETINA14-Apr-2021
2021Effect of polymer viscosity and polymerization kinetics on the electrical response of carbon nanotube yarn/vinyl ester monofilament compositesArtículoOmar Rodriguez-Uicab; Ian Guay; Jandro Abot; FRANCIS AVILES CETINA17-May-2022
2021Synthesis of sustainable, lightweight and electrically conductive polymer brushes grafted multi-layer graphene oxideArtículoHector Aguilar-Bolados; Mehrdad Yazdani_Pedram; Eduardo Quinteros Jara; Quimberly Cuenca Bracamonte; RAUL QUIJADA; Javier Carretero González; FRANCIS AVILES CETINA; Miguel Lopez-Manchado; Raquel Verdejo31-Oct-2022
2022A comparative study of the electrical and electromechanical responses of carbon nanotube/polypropylene composites in alternating and direct currentArtículoAbraham Isaías Balam Mena; Raúl Pech; ZAREL VALDEZ NAVA; Fidel Fernando Gamboa Perera; Alejandro Castillo Atoche; FRANCIS AVILES CETINA28-Apr-2023