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24-Sep-2014New Cultivars Derived from Crosses between Commercial Cultivar and a Wild Population of Papaya Rescued at Its Center of OriginArtículoJORGE MANUEL SANTAMARIA FERNANDEZ-
1-Nov-2013A Novel Effect for Glycine on Root System Growth of Habanero PepperArtículoILEANA DE LA CARIDAD ECHEVARRIA MACHADO-
3-Nov-2013Optimization of Culturing Conditions of a Strain of Phytophthora capsici Pathogenic to Habanero Pepper (Capsicum chinense)ArtículoLUIS MANUEL PEÑA RODRIGUEZ-
1-Oct-2016RAP2.4a Is Transported through the Phloem to Regulate Cold and Heat Tolerance in Papaya Tree (Carica papaya cv. Maradol): Implications for Protection Against Abiotic StressArtículoLuis Rodriguez_Zapata-
2014Improving species diversity and biomass estimates of tropical dry forests using airborne LiDARArtículoJOSE LUIS HERNANDEZ STEFANONI; JUAN MANUEL DUPUY RADA; Richard Birdsey; FERNANDO JESUS TUN DZUL; Alicia Peduzzi; JUAN PABLO CAAMAL SOSA11-Aug-2017
1-May-2013Synergistic Effect of Lupenone and Caryophyllene Oxide against Trypanosoma cruziArtículoLUIS MANUEL PEÑA RODRIGUEZ-
1-Jan-2001Estudios sobre la toxicidad del aluminio en suspensiones celulares de caféTesis de doctoradoManuel Martinez Estevez-
7-Feb-2014Genetic relationships among a collection of Musa germplasm by fluorescent-labeled SRAPArtículoROSA MARIA ESCOBEDO GRACIA MEDRANO-
30-Dec-2013Effect of salicylic acid on the attenuation of aluminum toxicity in Coffea arabica L. suspension cells: A possible protein phosphorylation signaling pathwayArtículoSOLEDAD MARIA TERESA HERNANDEZ SOTOMAYOR-