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1-Sep-2012Essential oil Yield Variation Within and Among Wild Populations of Mexican Oregano (Lippia graveolensH.B.K.-Verbenaceae), and its Relation to Climatic and Edaphic ConditionsArtículoLUZ MARIA DEL CARMEN CALVO IRABIEN-
4-Jan-2012A new species of Macroclinium(Orchidaceae: Oncidiinae) from Andean Venezuela with brief comments on the biogeography of the genusArtículoGERMAN CARNEVALI FERNANDEZ CONCHA-
6-Jun-2012The Hidden Chemical Cross-Talk Between Roots and Microbes: A Proteomic Approach ArtículoClelia De-la-Peña-
10-Sep-2012A new dimeric naphthoquinone fromDiospyros anisandraArtículoROCIO DE LOURDES BORGES ARGAEZ-
1-Mar-2012Metabolites from the leaf extract ofSerjania yucatanensis with trypanocidal activity againstTrypanosoma cruziArtículoLUIS MANUEL PEÑA RODRIGUEZ-
15-Mar-2012Sapwood to heartwood ratio affects whole-tree water use in dry forest legume and non-legume treesArtículoCASANDRA REYES GARCIA-
1-Apr-2012Molecular phylogenetics ofAlternanthera (Gomphrenoideae, Amaranthaceae): resolving a complex taxonomic history caused by different interpretations of morphological characters in a lineage with C4 and C3–C4 intermediate speciesArtículoIVONNE SANCHEZ DEL PINO-
1-Feb-2012Glutathione plays a role in protecting leaves of Salvinia minima from Pb 2+ damage associated with changes in the expression of SmGS genes and increased activity of GSArtículoJORGE MANUEL SANTAMARIA FERNANDEZ-
8-Nov-2012High but not dry: diverse epiphytic bromeliad adaptations to exposure within a seasonally dry tropical forest communityArtículoCASANDRA REYES GARCIA-
7-Jan-2012Phylogenetic relationships and expression in response to low temperature of a catalase gene in banana (Musa acuminata cv. ‘‘Grand Nain’’) fruitArtículoLuis Rodriguez_Zapata-