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23-Jul-2010Endogenous cytokinins in Cocos nucifera L. in vitro cultures obtained from plumular explantsArtículoLUIS ALFONSO SAENZ CARBONELL-
26-Mar-2010Is zinniol a true phytotoxin? Evaluation of its activity at the cellular level against Tagetes erectaArtículoLUIS MANUEL PEÑA RODRIGUEZ-
26-Aug-2010Root-Microbe Interactions: the Importance of Protein SecretionArtículoCLELIA DE LA PEÑA SEAMAN-
1-Feb-2010Bioactive metabolites from the Andean flora. Antituberculosis activity of natural and semisynthetic azorellane and mulinane diterpenoidsArtículoLUIS MANUEL PEÑA RODRIGUEZ-
12-Aug-2010Metabolites from freshwater aquatic microalgae and fungi as potential natural pesticidesArtículoMARIA MARCELA GAMBOA ANGULO-
31-Jan-2010Influence of form of activated charcoal on embryogenic callus formation in coconut (Cocos nucifera)ArtículoLUIS ALFONSO SAENZ CARBONELL-
26-Feb-2010Characterisation of a cyclin-dependent kinase (CDKA) gene expressed during somatic embryogenesis of coconut palmArtículoLUIS ALFONSO SAENZ CARBONELL-
6-Jan-2010Antioxidant content in two CAM bromeliad species as a response to seasonal light changes in a tropical dry deciduous forestArtículoLUIS MANUEL PEÑA RODRIGUEZ-
23-Jun-2010Outcrossing Rates in Annatto Determined by Sequence-Related Amplified PolymorphismArtículoRENATA LOURDES BARBARA RIVERA MADRID-
20-Aug-2010Medicinal potions used against infectious bowel diseases in Mayan traditional medicineArtículoSERGIO RUBEN PERAZA SANCHEZ-