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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)Fecha de depósito
3-nov-2013Optimization of Culturing Conditions of a Strain of Phytophthora capsici Pathogenic to Habanero Pepper (Capsicum chinense)LUIS MANUEL PEÑA RODRIGUEZ-
1-may-2013Synergistic Effect of Lupenone and Caryophyllene Oxide against Trypanosoma cruziLUIS MANUEL PEÑA RODRIGUEZ-
20-ago-2013A case of mistaken identity: Lupeol-3-(30 R)-hydroxy-stearate can be mistakenly identified as lupeol acetate when only analyzed by GC–MSLUIS MANUEL PEÑA RODRIGUEZ-
14-sep-2014Bioactive Metabolites from Cnidoscolus souzae and Acmella pilosaLUIS MANUEL PEÑA RODRIGUEZ-
26-mar-2010Is zinniol a true phytotoxin? Evaluation of its activity at the cellular level against Tagetes erectaLUIS MANUEL PEÑA RODRIGUEZ-
1-feb-2010Bioactive metabolites from the Andean flora. Antituberculosis activity of natural and semisynthetic azorellane and mulinane diterpenoidsLUIS MANUEL PEÑA RODRIGUEZ-
2-ene-2012In vitro and in vivo trypanocidal activity of native plants from the Yucatan PeninsulaLUIS MANUEL PEÑA RODRIGUEZ-
6-ene-2010Antioxidant content in two CAM bromeliad species as a response to seasonal light changes in a tropical dry deciduous forestLUIS MANUEL PEÑA RODRIGUEZ-
18-feb-2011Physiological effects of the hydrophilic phytotoxins produced by Mycosphaerella fijiensis, the causal agent of black sigatoka in banana plantsLUIS MANUEL PEÑA RODRIGUEZ-

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