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Issue DateTitlePublication Type/ Resource TypeAuthor(s)Submit Date
2011Occurrence of a 16SrIV group phytoplasma not previously associated with palm species in Yucatan, MexicoArtículoROBERTO CARLOS VAZQUEZ EUAN; MARIA DEL SOCORRO NARVAEZ CAB; CARLOS MARIANO OROPEZA SALIN30-Nov-2017
2016New insights into the evolutionary history of resistance gene candidates in coconut palms and their expression profiles in palms affected by lethal yellowing diseaseArtículoCARLOS ALBERTO PUCH HAU; CARLOS MARIANO OROPEZA SALIN; MANUEL GONGORA PAREDES; IVAN ISIDRO CORDOVA LARA; JOSE MARIA TUN SUAREZ; LUIS ALFONSO SAENZ CARBONELL25-Jun-2018
1998Diversidad del cocotero en México y su evaluación al amarillamiento letalArtículoDANIEL ZIZUMBO VILLARREAL25-Sep-2018
2007Protein extraction for Cocos nucifera with and without lethal yellowing phytoplasma: gel-based proteomicsArtículoCELSO REYES MARTINEZ; DANAE MORALES ANGELES; MARIA DEL SOCORRO NARVAEZ CAB; JUAN ALBERTO OSUNA CASTRO; DANIEL ZIZUMBO VILLARREAL; CARLOS MARIANO OROPEZA SALIN; ELPIDIO PEÑA BELTRAN25-Sep-2018
Oct-2006Pollen fertility and female flower anatomy of micropropagated coconut palmsArtículoMARIO BEN-HUR CHUC ARMENDARIZ; Carlos Mariano Oropeza Salín; JOSE LUIS CHAN RODRIGUEZ; BRIAN EUGENE MAUST NISLEY; NELSON TORRES HERNANDEZ; CRESCENCIO DE LA CRUZ CASTILLO AGUILAR; Luis Alfonso Sáenz Carbonell18-Dec-2018
2003In situ PCR detection of phytoplasma DNA in embryos from coconut palms with lethal yellowing diseaseArtículoIVAN ISIDRO CORDOVA LARA; Phil Jones; Nigel A. Harrison; Carlos Mariano Oropeza Salín5-Dec-2019